Korn concert 'en 4K The Nothing Album' 

Last year, September 13, masters of metal Californians Korn hosted a private event for some of their biggest fans in Los Angeles to celebrate the release of the new album:  KORN The Nothing .

The concert took place with the reproduction of the album cover live with the help of a performer suspended above the stage at ShowBiz Studios. The shooting and staging were supervised by the videographer and longtime companion of the group, the excellent Sébastien Paquet.

The concert film is now available. See can watch it in full with the group's comments.

Korn said about this amazing concert and magic of nearly 50 minutes: "It is for all of you who support us and could not attend this exclusive event. We hope you enjoy this experience. "




KORN Hellfest - photo credit Eric CANTO

KORN Hellfest - photo credit Eric CANTO

Live setlist

1. Falling Away From Me
2. You'll Never Find Me
3. Dead Bodies Everywhere
4. Can You Hear Me
5. Here to Stay
6. Cold
7. Clown
8. Finally Free
9. Faget


The history of the Korn group

The cathartic sound of Korn positions the group as one of the most popular and provocative to emerge in the 1990s.

At the forefront of the movement nu-metal / rap-rock from the time, they quickly evolved, developing a trademark style that included dissonant guitars, a groove-heavy rhythm section, haunted atmospheric production, and somber lyrics from singer Jonathan Davis.

Korn tackled themes such as childhood trauma, destructive behavior and inner demons.

Their 1994 debut album, Korn, built an audience, 1996 Life Is Peachy, which kicked the band off the charts into the Top Tree.

Only four years after their appearance, they had a number one: the blockbuster Follow the Leader, which houses "Freak on a Leash" and "Got the life".

KORN concert - photo credit Eric CANTO

KORN concert - photo credit Eric CANTO


Closing the decade at the top of the charts with Issues, Korn remained one of America's greatest rock bands in the 2000s, releasing a series of certified platinum albums: Untouchables (2002), Take a Look in the Mirror (2003). ) and See You on the Other Side (2005).

After a few detours in the late 2000s, they turned to the electronic world, hiring DJs like Skrillex to help produce the dubstep-blasted The Path of Totality in 2011.

In the late 2010s, Korn didn't want to move into a comfort zone with The Paradigm Shift, The Serenity of Suffering and The nothing have all fostered their sonic development towards something more mature.

Korn's beginnings 

The group begins its existence as metal group Bakersfield, Calif. based LAPD, which included guitarists James "Munky" Shaffer and Brian "Head" Welch, bassist Reginald "Fieldy" Arvizu and drummer David Silveria.

After releasing an LP in 1993, the members of LAPD crossed paths with Jonathan Davis, a mortuary science student and lead singer for local band Sexart. They ask Davis to join the group and, upon his arrival, the quintet renames itself Korn .

They record their demo with Ross Robinson (Limp Bizkit, Slipknot ), who would become one of the most sought-after rock producers in the late 90s.



The KORN album

After signing on Immortal, they released their self-titled debut album at the end of 1994.

With an unrelenting tour schedule that includes opening acts from Ozzy Osbourne, Megadeth, Marilyn manson and 311, Korn rose slowly but steadily up the charts, eventually winning a gold record for the single "Blind".

Combining dark lyrical content about child abuse, molestation, discrimination and drug addiction with hip-hop influences and innovative guitars, Korn unwittingly becomes the representative of the movement nicknamed bare-metal.


KORN concert - photo credit Eric CANTO

KORN concert - photo credit Eric CANTO

Life is Peachy // Follow the leader

In 1996, Life Is Peachy, is a more immediate success, reaching the third place of the chart of the pop albums. The album features "ADIDAS" and a cover of "Wicked" by Ice Cube with Deftones frontman Chino Moreno.

In 1998, Korn released Follow the Leader, their biggest album to date. The album debuted at the top of the Billboard 200, spawning the hit singles "Got the Life" and "Freak on a Leash." They won a Grammy for the video "Freak on a Leash" and, among boy bands and pop starlets.

The same year, the group launched the first relay of their Family Values tour, with a lineup of friends: Limp Bizkit, rapper Ice Cube, the german industrial metal group Rammstein and the early signatories of the Davis imprint, Elementree Records, Orgie. Follow the Leader eventually went quintuple platinum and sold over ten million copies worldwide.


KORN concert

KORN concert - photo credit Eric CANTO


After wrapping up their summer with a spot on the main stage of Woodstock '99, they begin promoting their fourth effort, Issues. With the singles "Falling Away from Me", "Make Me Bad" and "Somebody Someone", Issues continues to drive Korn's dominance on MTV, rock radios and Billboard.

The band toured the album's release on the Sick & Twisted Tour with Staind, POD, Papa Roach and Powerman 5000. An American stadium tour dubbed Summer Sanitarium followed later that year with Metallica , Kid Rock, Powerman 5000, and System of a Down.

Ahead of the release of their next album, Fieldy released a gangsta rap album and Davis scored the movie Queen of the Damned. At the end of 2001, the group reunited and entered the studio.


Untouchables // Take a look in the mirror

The popularity of the group reaches a dizzying peak, they unveil a new more experimental sound with more vocals from Davis. “Untouchables”, winner of a Grammy, was released in the summer of 2002, number two behind Eminem, with the singles “Here to Stay” and “Thoughtless”.

Korn did a series of dates on Ozzfest and the album was another hit, selling over five million copies worldwide.

Soon after, the band released the self-produced "Take a Look in the Mirror" in 2003. Featured by Korn as a reconsideration of their sound (they even included a rework of Neidermayer's demo track "Alive") , the album is accompanied by Back to the Basics Tour, which saw the band perform in smaller venues with then old friends Limp Bizkit.

Although the album became multi-platinum, this era marked the beginning of the band's decline in popularity, a period further compounded by the departure of founding guitarist Welch, who left the band in 2005 after converting to Christianity.

See You on the Other Side

The following December, Korn released "See You on the Other Side", tracks that featured a bunch of ready-made songs co-written with hit pop production team The Matrix (Avril Lavigne, Britney Spears). Other Side is the band's last work with their founding drummer Silveria, who left the band in 2006.

Live & Rare was released the same year, with the live acoustic recording MTV Unplugged - with Robert Smith of The Cure and Amy Lee of Evanescence - to follow in March 2007. Later that year, the band resurfaced with an album. disappointing that was deliberately left untitled (sometimes referred to as Korn II).

Without Silveria, the band recruited guest drummers to contribute to the studio, including Terry Bozzio (Frank Zappa), Brooks Wackerman (Bad Religion) and even Jonathan Davis himself. The group finally found a permanent replacement, the incredible Ray Luzier.


Korn III: Remember Who You Are

In 2010, Korn signed with Roadrunner Records and returned with Ross Robinson. Their ninth album, Korn III: Remember Who You Are, is both a homecoming and a projection into the future.

Seeking new direction, Korn works with electronic producers like Skrillex and Noisia, who help them modify their already heavy sound with dubstep hammering on their electronically-tinged tenth album, The Path of Totality in 2011. The effort debuts topped the Billboard Dance / Electronic charts and was their 11th LP to make the Billboard 200 Top Ten.

In May 2012, prodigal guitarist Welch was invited by the band on a version of "Blind" during a show in North Carolina.

Exactly a year later, he announced that he officially joined the group. With the (almost) original group back, Korn gets to work on their 11th album.


The Paradigm Shift: Head's Return

Welch's first album with Korn in a decade was released in October 2013. Inspired by the melodic brutality of Issues and Untouchables, The Paradigm Shift directly entered the Top Ten of the American, German, Austrian and Australian charts.

For the 20th anniversary of their debut, Korn is touring the world playing Korn, the first album, in its entirety.


The Serenity of Suffering // The nothing

In 2015, the group returned to the studio to record their 12th LP. The Serenity of Suffering which was released in late 2016. It featured the single “Rotting in Vain” and an appearance by Slipknot frontman Corey Taylor on “A Different World”.

The album reached number four on the Billboard 200, their highest level since 2010. It was in the middle of a world tour that they began recording their 13th album, The Nothing, with producer Nick Raskulinecz.

Korn is today an emblematic group, whose particular sound makes this group a staple of the current metal scene. For a concert photographer, the strong personality of each member and the atmosphere on stage allow always interesting shots.



On the 13th album The Nothing, Korn frontman Jonathan Davis takes his bandmates with him, delivering the most vulnerable and mature work of the veteran metal team to date.

Intensely cathartic, this dark journey is heavily influenced by the passing of Davis' wife Deven in 2018, resulting in some of the most painfully honest work they have ever produced. The words "brutal" and "heavy" are frequent descriptors of Korn's characteristic musical style, but here they take on a new meaning.

Psychologically, The Nothing is relentless, a seamless dive into the grief and despair that follows the untimely death of a loved one. "Honesty in the ugliness and mess of that angst permeates every track, transforming anger, guilt and frustration in a powerful cocktail that leaves little time to catch your breath or hide from the aggression.

As such, The Nothing is emotionally draining; but for those familiar with the grieving process, it is ultimately cathartic in its truth. As the funeral bagpipe rings at the opening of the first game "The End Begins", Davis repeatedly yells "Why did you go?" through bubbling cries and heartbreaking sobs. From there, the band - guitarists James "Munky" Shaffer and Brian "Head" Welch, bassist Reggie "Fieldy" Arvizu and drummer Ray Luzier - serve as the emotional support unit, delivering a typical precision attack to aid Davis. to overcome his personal nightmare.

While "You'll Never Find Me" and "Cold" rock listeners in their '90s heyday, "Idiosyncrasy" and "H @ rd3r" push them into terribly hard territory usually occupied by Slipknot. As the group pound and stab, the swirling production sucks them into the abyss, creating a focused experience they previously performed on The Paradigm Shift, Issues, and their eponymous debut.

While Davisa has always been open about her demons and struggles, her sometimes clumsy and ineloquent words make her true emotions seem immature and underdeveloped. Here there is a distinct adult and vulnerability that sets The Nothing apart from much of their work - with the exception of heartbreaking moments like 1994's traumatic 'Daddy' - and Davis' bleeding is so blatantly real that, even after 25 years, it manages to feel fresh.

On the penultimate track "This Loss," Davis reflects on his life, stripped of joy and stolen from happiness, accepting his fate even as he screams in despair, "I want to take it back!" At this vulnerable bottom, The Nothing swallows Davis with a closer "Surrender to Failure.NIN- like piano and towering drums, he exposes his guilty soul in a final confessional."

As the swell recedes, he cries: “I failed, I failed. This is one of the saddest moments in their catalog, a low point that, ironically, elevates this album to one of their strongest statements. Korn has always excelled in pain, but with The Nothing it's the most authentic he's ever been.


Studio albums

  • 1994: Korn
  • 1996: Life Is Peachy
  • 1998: Follow the Leader
  • 1999: Issues
  • 2002: Untouchables
  • 2003: Take a Look in the Mirror
  • 2005: See You on the Other Side
  • 2007: Untitled
  • 2010: Korn III: Remember Who You Are
  • 2011: The Path of Totality
  • 2013: The Paradigm Shift
  • 2016: The Serenity of Suffering
  • 2019: The Nothing


Live albums

  • 2006: Live and Rare
  • 2007: MTV Unplugged: Korn
  • 2012: Live at the Hollywood Palladium



  • 2000: Proud! (A Collection of Rare and Unrelesead Tracks)
  • 2004: Greatest Hits Vol.1
  • 2008: The Very Best of Korn
  • 2009: CollEctED
  • 2009: Super Hits
  • 2011: The Essential Korn


DVD & videos

  • Family Values Tour 1998 (VHS)
  • Who Then Now? (VHS)
  • Deuce (DVD)
  • Korn Live at Hammerstein (DVD)
  • Live At CBGB (DVD)
  • Live on the Other Side (DVD)
  • Interview Untitled Album (DVD)
  • Live At Montreux 2004 (DVD)
  • Family Values Tour 2006 (DVD)



Korn Members

Current Korn Members

  • Jonathan Davis - vocals, bagpipes (since 1993)
  • James Munky Shaffer - guitar (since 1993)
  • Reginald Fieldy Arvizu - bass, backing vocals (since 1993)
  • Brian Head Welch - guitar, backing vocals (1993–2005, since 2013)
  • Ray Luzier - drums (since 2007)
  • Zac Baird - keyboards, piano, backing vocals (since 2006; additional studio and live member)

Former members of Korn

  • David Silveria - drums, percussion (1993–2006)
  • Shane Gibson - guitar (2008–2010)
  • Wesley Geer - guitar (2010–2013)
  • Mike Bordin - drums (2000–2001)
  • Rob Patterson - guitar, backing vocals (2005–2008)
  • Michael Jochum - percussion, drums (2006–2007)
  • Kalen Chase - percussion, backing vocals (2006–2008)
  • Terry Bozzio - drums (2007)
  • Brooks Wackerman - drums (2007)
  • Clint Lowery - guitar (2007)
  • Joey Jordison - drums (2007)



Eric CANTO Photographer: Concert photos, portraits, album covers.

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Bonus The Nothing Tour 2020

  • United States 01/23/2020 The Nothing Tour 2020 @ Allentown, PPL Center
  • United States 01/25/2020 The Nothing Tour 2020 @ Manchester, SNHU Arena
  • Canada 01/27/2020 The Nothing Tour 2020 @ Quebec, Videotron Center
  • Canada 01/28/2020 The Nothing Tour 2020 @ Montreal, Bell Center
  • United States  01/30/2020 The Nothing Tour 2020 @ Grand Rapids, The Van Andel Arena
  • United States 01/31/2020 The Nothing Tour 2020 @ Columbus, Schottenstein Center
  • United States 02/03/2020 The Nothing Tour 2020 @ Evansville, Le Ford Center
  • United States 02/04/2020 The Nothing Tour 2020 @ Fort Wayne, Allen County War Mem Coliseum
  • United States 02/06/2020 The Nothing Tour 2020 @ Rockford, BMO Harris Bank Center
  • United States 02/07/2020 The Nothing Tour 2020 @ St. Paul, Xcel Energy Center
  • United States  02/09/2020 The Nothing Tour 2020 @ Green Bay, Resch Center
  • United States 02/12/2020 The Nothing Tour 2020 @ Little Rock, Verizon Arena
  • United States 02/13/2020 The Nothing Tour 2020 @ Springfield, JQH Arena
  • United States 02/15/2020 The Nothing Tour 2020 @ Cedar Rapids, US Cellular Center
  • United States 02/16/2020 The Nothing Tour 2020 @ Wichita, INTRUST Bank Arena
  • United States 02/18/2020 The Nothing Tour 2020 @ Lincoln, Pinnacle Bank Arena
  • United States  02/20/2020 The Nothing Tour 2020 @ Sioux Falls, Denny Sanford Premier Center
  • United States  02/21/2020 The Nothing Tour 2020 @ Rapid City, Rushmore Plaza Ice Arena
  • United States  02/23/2020 The Nothing Tour 2020 @ Missoula, Adams Center
  • United States  02/24/2020 The Nothing Tour 2020 @ Boise, Ford Idaho Center Arena
  • United States 02/26/2020 The Nothing Tour 2020 @ Spokane, Spokane Arena
  • United States 02/27/2020 The Nothing Tour 2020 @ Portland, Moda Center
  • United States 02/29/2020 The Nothing Tour 2020 @ Reno, Reno Events Center
  • United States 03/01/2020 The Nothing Tour 2020 @ Fresno, Save Mart Center
  • Poland 06/02/2020 Impact Festival 2020 @ Lodz, Atlas Arena
  • Germany  06/05/2020 Rock am Ring 2020 @ Nürburg, Nürburgring
  • Germany  06/05/2020 Rock im Park 2020 @ Nuremberg
  • Austria 06/10/2020 Nova Rock 2020 @ Nickelsdorf, Nova Rock
  • UK 06/12/2020 Download Festival 2020 @ Donington
  • Italy 06/12/2020 I-Days Milano 2020 @ Milano, Area Expo
  • Denmark 06/17/2020 Copenhell 2020 @ Refshalevej Tickets: Ticketswap
  • Belgium 06/18/2020 Graspop Metal Meeting 2020 @ Dessel, Graspop
  • France 06/19/2020 Hellfest 2020 @ Clisson, Hellfest site
  • Finland 06/25/2020 Provinssirock Festival 2020 @ Provinsii
  • Finland 06/26/2020 Tuska Open Air 2020 @ Helsinki, Suvilahti
  • Spain 07/01/2020 Resurrection Fest 2020 @ Viveiro Tickets: Ticketswap
  • Portugal  07/02/2020 VOA - Heavy Rock Festival 2020 @ Lisboa (Cruz Quebrada Oeiras), Estádio Nacional
  • United States  08/07/2020 The Nothing Tour 2020 + Faith No More @ Denver, Pepsi Center
  • United States 08/09/2020 The Nothing Tour 2020 + Faith No More @ Salt Lake City, USANA Amphitheater
  • United States 08/11/2020 The Nothing Tour 2020 + Faith No More @ Auburn, White River Amphitheater
  • United States 08/13/2020 The Nothing Tour 2020 + Faith No More @ Sacramento, Toyota Amphitheater
  • United States 08/14/2020 The Nothing Tour 2020 + Faith No More @ Mountain View, Coastal Amphitheater in Mountain View
  • United States 08/16/2020 The Nothing Tour 2020 + Faith No More @ Irvine, FivePoint Amphitheater
  • United States 08/17/2020 The Nothing Tour 2020 + Faith No More @ Phoenix, Chin Pavilion Ak
  • United States 08/19/2020 The Nothing Tour 2020+ Faith No More @ Albuquerque, Isleta Amphitheater
  • United States 08/21/2020 The Nothing Tour 2020 + Faith No More @ Dallas, Dos Equis Pavilion
  • United States 08/22/2020 The Nothing Tour 2020 + Faith No More @ Austin, Germania Amphitheater of Insurance
  • United States 08/23/2020 The Nothing Tour 2020 + Faith No More @ The Woodlands, The Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion
  • United States 08/25/2020 The Nothing Tour 2020 + Faith No More @ Alpharetta, Ameris Bank Amphitheater
  • United States 08/27/2020 The Nothing Tour 2020 + Faith No More @ Scranton, The Pavilion at Montage Mountain
  • United States 08/29/2020 The Nothing Tour 2020 + Faith No More @ Camden, BB&T Pavilion
  • United States 08/30/2020 The Nothing Tour 2020 + Faith No More @ Bristow, Jiffy Lube live
  • Japan01/10/2021 KnotFest Japan 2020 @ Chiba, Makuhari Messe
  • 05/21/2021 System Of A Down | Korn | Faith No More @ Los Angeles, Bench of California Stadium
  • United States05/22/2021 System Of A Down | Korn | Faith No More @ Los Angeles, Bench of California Stadium
  • Czech Republic05/28/2021 Korn - Tour 2021 @ Prague, Tipsport Arena
  • Slovakia05/29/2021 Korn - Tour 2021 @ Bratislava, NTC Arena
  • Poland05/31/2021 Korn - Tour 2021 @ Warsaw, Torwar
  • Austria 06/02/2021 Nova Rock 2021 @ Nickelsdorf, Nova Rock
  • Hungary06/03/2021 Korn - Tour 2021 @ Budapest, Arena
  • NetherlandsKorn - Tour 2021 @ Amsterdam, AFAS Live
  • 06/10/2021 I-Days Milano 2021 @ Milano, MIND Milano Innovation District
  • 06/11/2021 Rock am Ring 2021 @ Nürburg, Nürburgring
  • 06/11/2021 Rock im Park 2021 @ Nuremberg
  • 06/14/2021 Korn - Tour 2021 @ Berlin, Verti Music Hall
  • Sweden06/17/2021 Korn - Tour 2021 @ Stockholm, Grona Lund
  • 07/01/2021 Provinssirock Festival 2021 @ Seinäjoki, Provinssirock
  • Finland07/02/2021 Tuska Open Air 2021 @ Helsinki, Tuska
  • Germany06/11/2021 Rock im Park 2021 @ Nuremberg
  • Germany06/14/2021 Korn - Tour 2021 @ Berlin, Verti Music Hall
  • Sweden06/17/2021 Korn - Tour 2021 @ Stockholm, Grona LundFinland
  •  07/01/2021 Provinssirock Festival 2021 @ Seinäjoki, Provinssirock
  • 07/02/2021 Tuska Open Air 2021 @ Helsinki, Tuska



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