Album cover : As the laws of physics suggest, you'll see things before you hear them. It's no different when it comes to listening to an album or song, because more often than not, before you hit play, the first thing that will catch your eye is the cover art.

In this article, I will explore the relationship between music and works of art, detailing its importance in improving the listener experience, but also, how works of art have changed and will continue to change over time. digital age.



Album cover: Relationship between the work of art and the music

While it may seem like an album is all about music, the illustration adorning its pouch is essentially the equivalent of the book cover.

Consequently, works of art and music go hand in hand.
Music videos are an integral part of the music industry and so are the illustrations on your album.

The artwork serves as a portal to what the listener can expect from an album, and even what kind of musician is behind the creativity.
Solid album covers make a statement, because after all, this imagery is an opportunity to make the right first impression.

Nowadays, with the many advancements in technology, record makers are able to produce a kaleidoscope of vinyl records in all colors and patterns.

Thus, the physical vinyl itself becomes part of the artwork and in turn an integral part of the collective musical experience.

olivia ruiz album cover

Album cover: Olivia Ruiz

Album cover: The evolution of the work in the current music industry

Before the internet, music could only be purchased in a physical format, and therefore, the packaging and presentation of an album was paramount to ensuring its commercial success.

The artists had a 30 x 30cm cardboard canvas or 10 x 10cm plastic box to embellish the albums with artwork that would entice listeners to pull off a shelf to admire and ultimately buy.

Nowadays, album covers and singles appear as tiny squares on our music libraries and websites. streaming. Yet despite this miniaturization, these visual aids are still relevant today.




Album cover: Do we still need a cover, an artwork?

Music is not just a hearing experience. It's a multi-sensory affair that triggers all kinds of feelings and emotions. ”

When we listen to music we want to feel a certain way, to be transported to an entirely different place, and an album cover can help do that.

The feeling of touching is also something that enhances the listening experience.

Despite the recent increase in music streaming, vinyl sales have continued to increase over the past five years or so, giving artists the freedom to work on a larger canvas.

Either way, it is something special and deeply personal about placing a vinyl on a turntable and listen to an album while having the little bag at hand.


album cover - album illustration - vinyl artwork



On most luxury versions, the artists tend to include accompanying illustrations, photographs, lyric booklets, all of which are designed for interaction.

This also brings us to one of the most under-discussed aspects of the aesthetic appeal of vinyl covers : the texture.

Some sleeves are made with a shiny exterior, while others go for a rougher parchment style.

This aspect of the creation of album covers plays on the touch.
This is a characteristic that is found in readers. Touch the delivered brings a certain dimension to its reading. The same goes for vinyls.

Even though album artwork is now (mostly) reduced to a tiny thumbnail on our screens, it's still such an important aspect of the process of creating a world for a particular album.

So, in order to answer the question of whether we still need album art, I leave you with one thought: imagine what it would be like, if all the CDs, vinyls, digital albums you own didn't have. ofdrawing.



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