No One Is Innocent stylized as [No One Is Innocent] is a Parisian French rock band brought by singer Kémar Gulbenkian.

The group was founded in 1994 with the 1994 hit "The Skin". No One Is Innocent released five studio albums and two live albums.






No One Is Innocentwas revealed in 1994 with the debut album No One Is Innocent. In the early 1990s, No One is Innocent, with Lofofora, Oneyed Jack and Silmarils, were one of the best-known groups in the French rap metal scene to emerge in a musical landscape marked by the success of groups like Rage Against the Machine.

Worn by the single La Peau (written after watching Rage Against The Machine during a concert at the Elysée-Montmartre), which uses programs supported by youth radios like Fun Radio and Skyrock, the group's debut album is certified gold (100,000 sales).

The Armenian singer Kémar signs the song Another Land, condemning the Armenian genocide, believing that "this sad event must be denounced".



The key word of No One Is Innocent is resistance?

You have always waved this banner, not to mention the tragic events of 2015. Is it your rebellious side that pushed you towards music to write very committed lyrics?

NO ONE IS INNOCENT Kemar: Our commitment is not only because of these events, we are not fighters, but there are reasons that we have approached and defended,

like fighting the national front, fighting to defend other undocumented environmental movements.

Our journey is marked by meeting people who have the same approach as us, not necessarily making music.

It's not that I feel like a rebel, but considering the music we make in this country, you are considered a rebel.

Let it be ours, Tagada Jones, Mass Hysteria or others. So just because we make this music, we are rebels in France.



In fact, when I started the band I really wanted to write some engaging lyrics and the day I thought to myself I'm going to call it “No One Is Innocent”.

However, I was criticized because English was not well received at the time. Finally, indicate the name of the group in English. And then it wasn't just in English, but it was too long!

But I was convinced that apart from the meaning of what "No One Is Innocent" meant and which suited me perfectly, and in relation to what I wanted to write, Nobody would be remembered.

You see, in my room, I wrote it on the wall and I focused on Nobody.

It's a completely timeless name that sends something back to us and feels good to us compared to what we say in our lyrics.

And then this name, from album to album, makes you understand what you are writing. It's thanks to this band name that you know why you've been writing these songs for so many years.





Your words are strong and full of rage and we feel that you are passionate and struggle daily against all injustices on Earth. Do you spend a lot of time composing lyrics?

NO ONE IS INNOCENT Kemar: Yes, I am passionate because my people are behind. I wouldn't be with a double bass and a harpsichord.

If I can believe what I'm saying it's because I write it really well and when I perform it it's because the drummer will play in a way that is interactive with me too, or a strummer with a riff that he will present.

me in a trance and vice versa. When I wave what I throw, it also affects the mood of the guys. We are a completely interactive group and everyone is interested.

Writing texts takes a lot of time because the requirements are numerous. I write with my friend and co-author Emmanuel de Arriba, usually 7-8 songs on the album.

We write together on “” (Ed .: Third album released in 2004).

There are things that I will continue on alone, there are also subjects that I like to work on because we have known each other since high school, and also because he is the author and fan of Rock'n 'Roll.

In a gang, he can be the biggest fan of AC / DC.

And when you write such patterns, the fact that there is "ping-pong" between two people allows you to go further. We complement each other, and above all, we are not satisfied with what we wrote quickly.


There may be phases of genius, but we are extremely critical of our work, of each other, and that's what gives strength to the lyrics.

Sometimes we can take our heads for a week in two sentences, you see, I mean the other opposite is totally obsessive, I'm a little less, and that obsessive side makes me be very demanding.

But how does the composition of an album go?

NO ONE IS INNOCENT Kemar: One thing is clear: the music animates the lyrics. You see, Jihad Propaganda's lyrics can't be about Charlie's music, and Charlie's lyrics can't be about Silencio's music.

My personal obsession is that when I work with instruments, I listen to them 20, 30, 40 times and it is the intensity of what the title gives me that will give me the subject.

Well, I'm not hiding from you that there are obviously things in the drawers that you want to talk about, but that doesn't mean it's like a supermarket, either. We can refrain from talking about something if at some point the music does not bring out the theme.

And you see, the intensity of a title like Jihad Propaganda caused such a trance during the song that it inevitably won the title.

It's a blow to Charlie out of anger. There is a bit of nostalgia in the verses of Silencio.

I got into the nostalgic side of what a socialist government could be and anything that it could do for us to meet our expectations, you know, and then at one point it was, "But the fuck why don't you? we didn't give it to us !! ".

See how it's built? you take this or that instrument and you're like, hey, this is the part i wanna say something about. And when he gets angry, I think to myself, is that consistent?

And when somebody says to me, Shit, what an energy, when you sing it all, and then I answer that the writing is so consistent that at one point, that energy increases tenfold.

You see, this is not a scam! We are communicative because all this work has been there before, and if you give your zicos the power of a text that will illustrate the music then it is …….


 Do you often wonder what you write?

NO ONE IS INNOCENT Kemar: Absolutely, all the time. I can't believe it, but our shit is to write Propaganda before we hit the barricades.

And the guys were like, "So what's going on? But constantly!

Okay, now they understand a little more. They are impatient, but show less. They know it takes time and demands.

The great thing about it is that at some point you look back at what you did and say to yourself, “Damn that was good! And you don't lower your head because you're proud of what you've done.


 Barricades was released on Friday May 13, 2016, the day of theAC / DC in Mareille, is it pure chance?

NO ONE IS INNOCENT Kemar: So that's a really funny coincidence! In fact, we were supposed to publish it at the end of April, then we translated it into a promotional article and "agreed on May 13th."

Suddenly we realized and thought Friday the 13th was good. These were two magical moments for us with the release of Barricades and the AC / DC concert. What we experienced with them at the Stade de France, we could not have done better.





Vou had the chance to play the Motorhead opening gig again and it's wonderful too!

NO ONE IS INNOCENT Kemar: Me, if you want, besides not seeing Bob Marley, it's a big regret, just like Hendrix. Honestly, when I see what we've done with Nobody, you tell yourself you can go on.

There you have it, the strength is there and it makes you want to continue, besides the fact that we are working on the music, the texts, we are constantly dreaming and making music is dreaming.


  “Barricades” came out almost a year after the release of “Propaganda”. Was it already in the works or had the choice to do it live come later?

NO ONE IS INNOCENT Kemar: So it was a decision taken at the end of September. Luckily we had friends with us like Julien Reymond, the DVD director and editor, our label, who supported us and helped us because we were halfway through the tour and there are a lot of things we didn't. were unable to attend. except when I took part in the editing with Julien.

On the other hand, on the day of the concert, we completely hide the fact that we are shooting a DVD, because there are much more important things for us, such as the success of this concert that we play at home, with the people of Charlie Hebdo who come to T-time, 15 days after the attacks

Therefore, in front of his people, we have a duty to organize a concert that will remember the ghosts.

 You had a real impact on people's minds this year!

NO ONE IS INNOCENT Kemar: Yes, it was a year full of events and tragic things that we were able to bounce back musically.

At our level, we have tried to place music in the context of the moment and tell ourselves that music is there to say something, to defend freedom of expression, secularism and through our music, whether we like it or no, we come to defend our ideas.

 Do you have a favorite song?

NO ONE IS INNOCENT Kemar: Ah, good question ……… not easy …………… I would tell you Charlie, because right now all our friends are on stage.

There are Marika and Coco who have just spoken, not because it is the last title of the concert, but we all say the same thing together, that's all!

there is Nico de Tagada Jones who sings with me, there is Fred Duquesne, the guitarist of Mass Hysteria, the director of our album, and also Nikko Bonnière, the guitarist of Eiffel, Fred Mariolle, the guys from Bukowski, and we are here to sing our title, and it really is a moment that will be forever engraved.

Also, we are not playing a trivial song at the moment.




Compared to Line Up, this is the fourth group of No One, do you think the group will stabilize this time?

NO ONE IS INNOCENT Kemar: So this is the first time that there is a second guitarist, which changes a lot. And if we were told that Propaganda is one of Nobody's best, that's also why I think.

Thanks to this formula, we have found a balance that we may not have had before. Especially with the personality of Popa, with whom I have a great bond in the composition, as well as with Shanka.

But it's not normal that he connects so closely with two guitarists. We are like a couple who have regained their balance.


  the 2016 tour started on March 4th, is there a concert that marked you more than another?

NO ONE IS INNOCENT Kemar: Yes, the 7th wave festival takes place in Bretignolles sur Mer. As we are used to raising people on stage, it was a total excitement!

But an overflow like you've never experienced in the history of Nobody. We had to have about 300 people on stage and they didn't want to leave the stage anymore.

So at 3/4 of the title, the song stopped because there were guys who got into the drums and then people weren't coming out.

We had to stop the concert even though we had two songs left to play, but we went over the schedule and had to stop. Then we have to tell ourselves that we do concerts to make these things happen too.

And even if we were in a hurry when we left the stage and entered the locker room, we would think that if we do concerts, we have something to talk about, to have an unexpected, improbable, unthinkable action, it's all.





On Sunday June 19 you are on the main stage of Clisson at Hellfest, is this your first time for No One?

NO ONE IS INNOCENT Kemar: So for me, and for all of us, it's a huge joy because we've done it once or twice as spectators and there, now, we're going up on the big stage at 3 a.m. . noon is a magical time for us.

We continue in a dream. We are like a group that released an album that marked a lot of people and if we are programmed with groups like AC DC and if we are at Hellfest and always in other festivals, it is perhaps because it is an album which made a big impression.

On the other hand, I personally appreciate the most the performance of the biggest hippie festival in France.

 Do you consider it a Hippie festival?

NO ONE IS INNOCENT Kemar: Yeah, it's Metal Woodstock, Hellfest. This is amazing.

Despite all the questions and spitting, they got threats early on because you can see guys falling down dressed as Satan or with horns on their heads and listening to extreme music,

the festival is still there and it is getting more and more people and people have finally changed their minds about Hellfest. But they don't have Babos, they're hippies.

Babies are people with a sort of phlegm who don't care, while the hippie is always concerned and has a conscience.

And then hats off to Ben, really! I've been through a fury and to be honest this thing is really strong to build!

And it has been proven that this festival brings together the most people in France because it is legendary. It is a festival that has a real ethic in the choice of artists and in the imagery.




NO ONE IS INNOCENT discography

  • 1994: No One Is Innocent
  • 1997: Utopia
  • 2004: Ré
  • 2005: Siempre de suerte (live DVD)
  • 2007: Gazoline
  • 2011: Drugstore
  • 2015: Propaganda (June 8, 2015)
  • 2016: Barricades Live (May 13, 2016)
  • 2018: Frankenstein (March 30, 2018)


Videography of NO ONE IS INNOCENT

  • The skin
  • Nomenklatura
  • Where were we
  • The fear
  • Hi artist
  • Silence
  • Charlie
  • Ali king of the ring




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