Mass Hysteria The Army of Shadows is the 7th studio album by Mass Hysteria, french metal band.L'armée des ombres was released on August 27, 2012. I took care of the artwork, press photos and all communication on this album.

Army of shadows is the first album with Vincent Mercier on bass, replacing Stéphan Jacquet "Titou", as well as the last with Nicolas Sarrouy on guitar. The former guitarist of the group Olivier Coursier, today in AaRON, took care of the samples for the album.


Mass Hysteria larmee des ombres credit Eric CANTO 1

Mass Hysteria the army of shadows: first single

Mass Hysteria is 18 years old, a majority that the years have not denied. The age of emancipation, the age at which nothing is impossible.

Where we see freedom, where we dream. Fighting fashion, dark times, an unfailing love for music and for this indescribable alchemy between the group and the audience. Drawing on its experience and years of experience, Mass Hysteria no longer pays attention to details, and today distills a recipe unique in France, ignoring details to keep only what is necessary.


Mass Hysteria the Army of Shadows: Track List

  • Positive all the way - 2:57
  • The man stubbornly - 3:36
  • Commedia Dell 'Inferno - 3:37
  • Even though I explode - 5:05
  • The Spirit of the Times - 3:24
  • Everything must go - 4:24
  • Barbarian Serum - 4:04
  • Reason closed - 4:57
  • Impulse - 2:17
  • Vertigo of the Worlds - 2:50
  • The Waltz of the Puppets (Bonus)
  • Be yourself (Bonus)


Mass Hysteria the army of shadows: Credits

  • Mouss Kelai - vocals
  • Yann Heurtaux - guitar
  • Nicolas Sarrouy - guitar
  • Vincent Mercier - bass
  • Raphaël Mercier - drums
  • Olivier Coursier - samples


Mass Hysteria the army of shadows: the album

Three years after "Failles" MASS HYSTERIA changes label, bassist and adopts the dark side of the album, whose cover announces the color: dark.

There are no more revolutionary festive moods from the previous albums, the world has changed, likewise MASS and the "army of shadows" are nothing more than a battalion of survivors in the face of the current system which envisages the destruction of man himself.

Yes, not cheerful, cheerful, but that's the atmosphere that comes out of the hype, you just have to look at the disturbing artwork to notice it. Even "Positive A Bloc" with its optimistic title is not there to calm the mood.

It's just a bomb in the introduction to this album. One of those songs that hits you without seeing it coming, and announces the color and shows that the group did not come there to make up.


Mass Hysteria the army of shadows on tour


The samples allow us to understand that this song is a machine that crushes everything in its path, fat and heavy guitars accompany the drums and its double bass drum on almost all of the title. The sound is very dense, almost suffocating, with the taste of Indus, which is not unpleasant.

It's a magical recipe that unfolds throughout the album. Having said that, one would think that "The Army of Shadows" is just a marching regiment, that CD is a very linear and boring border. Well, if you're listening to it in a substantial way, yes. But the atmosphere is what the group imposes gives all its subtlety to the album.

Indeed, electronic samples and sounds occupy a large place in the songs, adding to the harsh atmosphere created by the instruments, different climates to increase the pressure, as in "Commedia Dell" Inferno.


mass hysteria army of shadows


MASS also knows how to surprise the listener with the title "Even if I explode", its intro on the keyboard and the chorus are strong and engaging, and give off a disturbing post-apocalyptic atmosphere, but terribly exciting.

As tough, serious and powerful as the shadow army, you leave wide awake and firmly anchored in the increasingly difficult economic reality. This time, Mouss no longer wears gloves, because these words have never been so direct. They bear witness to his anxiety, his deep concern for this world and the current fall.

We stop laughing, the state of emergency is announced and the Phantom Army returns on stage. This new song is the most metal song, the hardest and most compact that Mass Hysteria has ever given us. On this album, there is the opportunity to present the new bassist Vince Mercier, who replaces the symbolic Titou who left last year.

The change was made in style with a round and vibrant bass, as in "The Headless Man". Mass Hysteria the army of shadows is even more successful than Failles, because the titles that make up this album are more intense. In the end, we only see one thing, the result is impressive. The Army of Shadows succeeds, because by losing a little recklessness, Mass Hysteria has gained in efficiency.




Mass Hysteria the army of shadows: the making of

Mass Hysteria The Army of Shadows: Bass Teaser



Mass Hysteria the army of shadows: the teaser

Mass Hysteria The Army of Shadows: Album Teaser


Mass Hysteria the army of shadows: the interview 

It seems that Mass Hysteria has come a long way from a black, more introspective and personal album, and the Army of Shadows, which almost comes across as a “people's cry”. Should rock'n roll be positioned as an art of resistance, in the current context?

Raphaël: Without being part of the punk approach, rock'n roll must become “dangerous” again.

Yann: I listen and I like some things in rock today, but I also think it's a bit too clean. What is currently successful, like Black Keys, may be too smart, even though the music is very well structured and the band is great at the gig.

The “image” page is important, but it seems to take up too much space. In general, I think there is a lack of rebellion in the current scene, a certain rebellion. Perhaps an American group must emerge at the head of the discourse to restart French rock in this spirit. When Rage Against The Machine appeared in the early 90s, they profoundly changed the musical landscape.

Should the American scene be the engine of French artists?

Raphaël: Personally, I am not influenced by the French scene. Trust, Bérurier Noir and Lofofora made a strong impression on me. What is happening today does not really interest me. However, there are some really good bands that offer extremely loud music.

Yann: It's not about criticism, I think that today's music meets the requirements of the system. If a large American locomotive lands in France, it will be followed by a host of French groups.

This happened with the Korn and Deftones wave. Mass Hysteria has benefited greatly from the explosion of the American scene. the metal exists, the success of Hellfest is to testify, but it develops in "submarine". No media wants to support this genre, we are closed more than anything else.

Raphael: On the other hand, if a guy intends to destroy graves and carry a slayer t-shirt, magazines will make the headlines with this anecdote. It is difficult to develop this kind of music in France. The genre is unfortunately ultra-stereotypical and for many it's nothing but noise. It's always complex music that requires a certain technique and a lot of effort.


Mass Hysteria larmee des ombres credit Eric CANTO 4

Mass Hysteria is back with a new album, Army of Shadows. The group offers here a darker and more involved record, ideally suited to the time in relation to the message. How did you approach this seventh album: Mass Hysteria the army of shadows?

Yann: The graphics on this album are very dark and I think that gives the album the dark side. The compositions are more "metal" and clear, but in terms of lyrics the army of shadows fits perfectly in the continuity of its predecessor. The texts are however very realistic and direct compared to the current world. I think the graphics can have a little impact on the content of this recording.

Raphael: " World on Fire "On Failles was already a committed song, like" Babylon On A Sum of Retail. Despite this, the phantom army gave an encouraging speech and Mouss initially used his slogan "Positive to the block".

Yann: Mass is also aging. Times are changing and not necessarily in a good way. After all, we're trying to be positive about a world that's getting a little bit barbaric.

You changed the bassist with the departure of Stéphane, who was there from the start. How did you end up in this situation and how did you integrate your friend Vincent?

Yann Heurtaux: I don't want to dwell on why, but Stephan left… all I can say is that it was difficult for both sides. Then the choice was made quickly: we didn't want someone we didn't know, so we looked around and there was Vince. He spent time in the same bars and we spent many evenings together, we've been friends for a long time.

At the guitar level, we feel more diverse influences, both heavier and more folded up if necessary. How would you describe the work of the guitars?

Yann: We really took the lead in sound. Then we had to balance the moment when the machines should be present and the moment when the guitars should take control: the mix was very important, that's why we work with Fred Duquesne, he knows us, I trust him!

What do you think has contributed the most to these new compositions compared to what you have managed to write on Failles?

Raphaël: Mass Hysteria the army of shadows is more compact, you can listen to it at the same time. At the end of Failles, I think there are two or three weaker titles. The army passes by itself without breaking up.

The disc has a better structure. Mass Hysteria the army of shadows is actually relatively monolithic. A title like "Raison closed", however, imposes a stronger average tempo and is recorded as a "light" breath in the middle of the song. very "metal" compositions ...

Yann: the title is distinguished by its atmosphere and its rhythm. I love Mouss's lyrics, he approached the song a little differently. I love this song, but we probably won't play it, it will seal the whole thing, which is more focused on strong songs.

Raphaël: Among the “slow” songs we wrote, “Raison close” is probably my favorite. But it's not really a live title. It's great on the album, but it's a song you can listen to in both.

All groups have theirs, starting with AC / DC with “Touch Too Much”. Two compositions are also reserved only for the release of Digipak, including the very good "Be yourself" ...

Yann: It's a combination of circumstances. We provided our song list, and the record company decided to blow up two songs in the standard version to reserve a limited edition. To be honest, we could pick other potential opportunities. Everything happened quickly, the mastering order could not be changed.

Mass Hysteria signed a new label, and since Failles was already three years old, we didn't want to waste time unnecessarily. You must also meet the planning requirements. However, it was thought of well in advance, we devoted the necessary time to the writing.

Raphaël: The news of Mass Hysteria has been particularly busy in recent years, especially in terms of concerts. We have also prepared our first live DVD. We attacked army compounds at the end of 2011. We are also in a time where we cannot afford to forget.

For De Cercle en Cercle and the black album, we had composed for many months, even if it was not really voluntary. Today we no longer have that luxury, we must quickly come back to the fore.


Mass Hysteria larmee des ombres credit Eric CANTO 5



Mass Hysteria Army of Shadows remains particularly consistent with Rifts and Sums of Details. The whole can be listened to as a block or a trilogy ...

Yann: Of course. Unity also results from the fact that the trilogy was produced by Fred Duquesne. Considering the work he has done on the Army of Shadows, it is difficult for this collaboration to go beyond these three albums.

From the first album, the "touch" of Mass Hysteria was its ability to combine the power of guitars with the dance side of electronic samples. After the departure of Olivier Coursier, no one took over this function in the group.

How did you approach Mass Hysteria the army of shadows ?

Yann: Olivier took care of the devices for this new album. We had a very good relationship with him. On Failles, Julien held a temporary position. He's someone who worked with Sinclair. For Mass Hysteria the army of shadows the shadow army, we weren't sure who to call. We have of course knocked on Olivier's door. His work is really very good, he sublimated the songs.

Does the title of Army of Shadows refer to Kessel's novel?
Sure ! This is the name of the resistance of men and women for me and our true heroes. This film is exceptional with Lino Ventura! Resistance is the subject that fascinates us. The song of L'prit Du Temps pays homage to them, it quotes two great heroes, Edgar Morin and Stéphane Hessel, and I strongly recommend reading their works.

As a former member, what did he think of this last album?

He really liked this album. Although he plays in AaRON, Olivier still listens to metal. He closely follows Mass Hysteria. I know he loves our latest albums and thinks that Mass Hysteria the army of shadows eis one of our best works.

Raphaël: Among our relatives, many people seem to have the same opinion. We have old fans now coming back to the band's music.

Yann: The evolution took place gradually. Mass Hysteria was born from a sum of details. While I love the black album, people misunderstood it mainly because we made some bad production choices. I have a hard time listening to this album, but I love these songs.

At that time, we had already contacted Fred Duquesne, I still regret not having been able to materialize this cooperation. We had to bring the fans home. We really worked on the sound with Fred. The public responds more and more, in one week we sold a thousand more records than Failles over the same period. Considering the state of the music industry today, this is really positive.


At the beginning of his career, Mass Hysteria approaches the fusion of styles, transplanting samples into rather rock music. What is your take on the experiments with metal and dubstep that seem to be on the rise for some time?

Yann: I was struck by Korn's first song, “Get Up! »… Dubstep has been around for years, but today it appears everywhere.

This mixture creates an ultra effective music, in particular thanks to the strong side of rock'n'roll. Personally, I find this style of music quite interesting, even if it tends to go in circles. Nothing beats the good old electric classics. I recently attended the Chemicals Brothers concert, it was so powerful.
But Skrillex Zenith was also huge.

Excerpts from credit interview


Mass Hysteria the army of shadows: the video interview with Raphael Mercier

Mass Hysteria the army of shadows: Interview Rapha - Mass Hysteria the army of shadows



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