KISS band Festival de NÎMES : Le groupe Kiss donnera un concert exceptionnel le mardi 5 juillet 2022 dans les arènes de Nîmes. The Nimes festival accueil en 2022 la légende américaine pour la tournée d’adieu du groupe au 150 millions d’albums vendus à travers le monde.

KISS Festival of NÎMESKISS Festival de NÎMES 2021

The mythical group Kiss returns to France on the occasion of his farewell tour entitled "End of The Road"!

Le public français pourra donc retrouver Paul Stanley, Gene Simmons, Tommy Thayer et Eric Singer sur scène à l’été 2022, dont le 5 juillet 2022 au Nîmes Festival and bid a well-deserved farewell to the cult group.

KISS Festival of NÎMES : The festival

Since 1997, the Nîmes Festival every summer invests the arenas of contemporary music in all its diversity. From French song (LES VIEILLES CANAILLES, MICHEL POLNAREFF, RENAUD, FRANCIS CABREL ...) to metal (METALLICA, RAMMSTEIN ...), big stars of the international variety (DEPECHE MODE, MUSE, BJÖRK, PLACEBO…) to the new revelations (STROMAE), KENDJI GIRAC, GIMS…).

Nîmes hosts music legends (NEIL YOUNG, DAVID GILMOR, SANTANA…) and concerts (DAVID BOWIE, RADIOHEAD…) in a unique setting. Today, it's KISS's turn to join the long list.


The KISS group at the 2021 NÎMES Festival

KISS Festival of NÎMES



The south of France has long hosted the greatest number of cultural festivals in all disciplines: theater, music, dance, street arts, etc.

In this extremely dense landscape, the Nîmes Festival has today taken a unique and relevant place: it offers a very diverse audience a summer meeting place, combining the big names in live music in all its genres with the conditions of a unique setting.

In a unique mix of renowned artists and stars of tomorrow, it offers the pleasure of the news, discovering but also rediscovering legendary musicians for a unique experience of its kind.



The Arena of Nîmes attracts crowds of visitors fascinated by the quality of the conservation of this place. Belonging to historical monuments, by virtue of their architectural function, they are a place of spectacle and shared pleasure.

From yesterday's Roman Games to Pentecost and the Harvest Festival, including summer concerts on a starry night, this place has never ceased to arouse dreams.


The KISS group at the NÎMES Festival

KISS Festival of NÎMES


Kiss, End of the Road Opening Night 

The End of the Road World Tour is the last ongoing concert tour of the American rock band Kiss . The tour started on January 31, 2019 at Rogers Arena in Vancouver, Canada and is currently underway.

The tour was announced on September 19, 2018, following a performance of "Detroit Rock City" on America's Got Talent. Tour dates were officially announced for North America, Europe and Oceania on October 30, 2018.

Professional painter David Garibaldi served as the opening act for Kiss for the 2019 North American and European stages of the tour. David lee roth was later announced as the North American premiere of 2020.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, most of the shows that were scheduled to take place in 2020 have been postponed until 2021.
Kiss has revealed that their final concert will be on July 17, 2021 in New York City at an unspecified location.

The band made the announcement on stage ahead of this year's second and final Kiss Kruise indoor concert, also stating that 90 new tour dates will be confirmed soon.

“We were on the End of the Road tour, and people said, 'When's the last gig? “Said leader Paul Stanley. “So we're here to tell you that the end of the road ends on July 17, 2021 in New York City. "

A gigantic countdown behind the group during the announcement read 622 days, 23 hours and 51 minutes.

The End of the Road Tour kicked off on January 31, 2019 in Vancouver, British Columbia.

That is not here Kiss's first tour to be marketed as the latest: The original reunited band of Gene Simmons, Stanley, Peter Criss and Ace Frehley put on a 142-date farewell tour that began in 2000 and ended in April 2001.

Two of the years later, the band hit the road again with current guitarist Tommy Thayer taking Frehley's place.

“We brought these guys back and they were completely apologetic, remorseful and grateful to be back,” Stanley later said of Criss and Frehley.

And for a while, honestly, we lost sight of the fact that we didn't have to stop - we had to get rid of it.

The current lineup - with Stanley, Simmons, Thayer and drummer Eric Singer - announced the End of the Road tour in October 2018.

“It will be the ultimate celebration for those who have seen us and a last chance for those who haven't,” they said at the time.

“Kiss Army, we say goodbye to our last tour with our biggest show yet and we will come out the same way we arrived. … Without excuse and unstoppable.



Kiss, End of the Road Opening Night : Set List

  • 1. "Detroit Rock City"
  • 2. "Shout It Out Loud"
  • 3. "Deuce"
  • 4. "Say Yeah"
  • 5. "Heaven's On Fire"
  • 6. "War Machine"
  • 7 "Lick It Up"
  • 8. "100,000 Years"
  • 9. "God of Thunder"
  • 10. "Cold Gin"
  • 11. "Psycho Circus"
  • 12. "I Love It Loud"
  • 13. "Hide Your Heart"
  • 14. "Let Me Go, Rock 'n' Roll" 
  • 15. "Love Gun" 
  • 16. "I was made to love you" 
  • 17. "Black Diamond" 
  • 18. "Beth" 
  • 19. ”Do You Love Me? " 

The KISS Group (Kiss band )

Rooted in the theatricality of Alice Cooper and the hard rock from the glam rockers of the New York Dolls, Kiss became the favorite group of American teenagers in the 1970s.

Most of the kids were in love with Kiss's look, not their music.

Dressed in outrageously flamboyant costumes and make-up, the group crafted a captivating stage show featuring ice cream, smoke bombs, elaborate lighting, spits of blood and spits of fire that captured the imaginations of thousands of children. .

But music shouldn't be ruled out, a sound that laid the foundation for rock and pop metal that dominated rock in the late 1980s.


Kiss is the brainchild of Gene Simmons (bass, vocals) and Paul Stanley (rhythm guitar, vocals), former members of New York hard rock band Wicked Lester

The duo brought in drummer Peter Criss through an advertisement in Rolling Stone, while guitarist Ace Frehley responded to an advertisement in The Village Voice.

Even at their first Manhattan gig in 1973, the band's approach was theatrical, and Flipside producer Bill Aucoin offered the band a contract after the gig.

Two weeks later, the group was signed to Neil Bogart's new label, Casablanca. The group released their self-titled debut album in February 1974; it peaks at number 87 on the US charts.

By April 1975, the band had released three albums and toured America constantly, building a sizable fan base.

Taken from these many concerts, Alive! (released in the fall of 1975) made the group into rock & roll superstars; he climbed into the Top Ten and his single, “Rock 'N' Roll All Nite,” reached number 12.


KISS Destroyer

Destroyer, was released in March 1976 and became the group's first platinum album; he also presented their first single Top Ten, Peter Criss' power ballad "Beth".

The Kiss mania was in full swing; thousands of variations have hit the market (pinball machines, makeup, masks and board games), and the group has released two Marvel comics as well as an action TV movie: Kiss Meet the Phantom of the Park .


KISS at the NÎMES Festival

KISS Festival de NÎMES- kiss band


America's most popular band.

The group was never seen in public without makeup, their popularity was growing by leaps and bounds; the Kiss Army, the band's fan club, had millions of fans.

However, such popularity has its limits and the group reached it in 1978, when all four members released solo albums on the same day. Simmons' record was the most successful, reaching number 22 on the charts, but they all made it to the Top 50.


The Dynasty album

Dynasty, released in 1979, continued this series of platinum albums, but this was their last record with the original lineup - - Criss leaves in 1980.


The album Unmasked

Released in the summer of 1980, was recorded with session drummer Anton Fig; Criss' true replacement, Eric Carr, joined the group in time for their world tour in 1980.
Unmasked is the first record since Destroyer not to go platinum. Music from the Elder in 1981, their debut album recorded with Carr, didn't even go gold - it didn't go above number 75 on the charts.

Ace Frehley left the band after their release; it was replaced by Vinnie Vincent in 1982. Vincent's debut album with the band, 1982's Creatures of the Night, the album fared better than Music from the Elder, but it couldn't get past No. 45. charts.

Lick It Up and Animalize (Kiss band )

Feeling that it was time for a change, the group dispensed with makeup for Lick It Up from 1983. The publicity worked, as the album became their first platinum record in four years.

Animalize, released the following year, was equally successful and the group essentially resumed its niche. Vincent left after Animalize and was replaced by Mark St. John, although St. John soon fell ill with Reiter's syndrome and left the group.



Bruce Kulick became Kiss's new lead guitarist in 1984. Over the remainder of the decade, Kiss recorded a string of hit albums, culminating in the early 1990 hit ballad “Forever,” which was their biggest. single from "Beth".

The group was scheduled to record a new album with their former producer, Bob Ezrin, in 1990 when Eric Carr fell seriously ill with cancer; he died in November 1991 at the age of 41.

Kiss replaced him with Eric Singer and recorded Revenge (1992), their first album since 1989; it is a hit in the Top 10 and it becomes gold record. the group followed it with the release of Alive III the following year; a live record that does not live up to their two previous live records.

KISS Psycho Cirque (Kiss band )

In 1996, the original Kiss lineup - featuring Simmons, Stanley, Frehley and Criss - came together to tour internationally, complete with their makeup and special effects. The tour was one of the most successful of 1996, and in 1998 the reunited group released Psycho Circus.

While the ensuing tour in support of Psycho Circus was successful, sales of Kiss's reunion album were not as stellar as expected. Reminiscent of the band's fuzzy period at the end of the 70s, a few tracks on Psycho Circus.

The four members were playing together (most of the tracks were completed by session musicians), as the group seemed more interested in flooding the merchandising market instead of making music their priority.

While rumors spread that the Psycho Circus tour would be the last, the quartet announced in the spring of 2000 that they would be launching a farewell tour of the United States for the summer, which has become one of the best concerts in the world. the year.

But on the eve of a Japanese and Australian tour in early 2001, Peter Criss suddenly left the band once again, supposedly unhappy with his salary.


KISS Festival of NÎMES

KISS Festival of NÎMES


Kiss band – KISSologie

At the end of 2001, the band continued to tour the world with no new album in store, but in 2008 they returned to the studio, re-recorded their hits, and released Jigoku-Retsuden aka KISSology or Kiss Klassics (the release was initially exclusive to Japan).

In the spring of 2009, the band began recording their first studio album in 11 years, and released the results in October under the title Sonic Boom. Produced by Paul Stanley and Greg Collins, the album was exclusively distributed in North America by Wal-Mart.

In 2014, after 15 years of eligibility, the group was inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. The following year they released a collaborative single with Japanese idol group Momoiro Clover Z. In 2017, a best-of Kissworld was released to coincide with a massive world tour of the same name.


KISS – Festival de Nîmes 2022 : Grandeur, déculotté et pain de mie.


Tu vois, mon ami, le monde se divise en deux catégories, ceux qui ont un pistolet chargé et ceux qui creusent. Musicalement,  c’est la même. Le monde se divise en deux catégories. Ceux qui adulent Kiss et ceux qui ne comprennent pas le délire. Moi, je creuse.

Globalement, il est de bon ton de dénigrer KISS. Tout ce carnaval, le maquillage, les feux d’artifice, le merchandising et l’approche mercantile. Alors, bien sûr, il y a les afficionados, les fans, transits d’émotion à la vue d’un goodies KISS, arborant une collection de tee-shirts, ils ont le livre KISS, les chaussettes KISS, le bol KISS. On est en droit de se demander ce qu’ils viennent encore chercher auprès d’un groupe dont le moyenne d’âge est de 70 ans.

Alors oui, le groupe a 50 ans, il a vendu 150 millions d’albums 30 disques d’or, 10 disques multi-platine, et alors ? La période est-elle au respect du travail accompli ? N’est-elle pas à l’avis tranché du pinpin s’autoproclamant spécialiste sur les réseaux sociaux ? C’est la beauté de notre période, tu peux, sans n’avoir jamais mangé autre chose que du pain de mie, monter une chaine youtube de critique gastronomique et abreuver le monde de tes avis creux sur le sujet, du haut sur ton inexpérience crasse.

Mais revenons à KISS et à cette expérience live. Les arènes de Nîmes accueillaient cet été, la dernière date Française du groupe qui prend sa retraite et fait un dernier « End of the road world tour ». J’aurais dû me douter qu’elle serait folle cette soirée, j’avais croisé en arrivant, à côté des arènes, un des plus grands photographes, Ross Halfin, photographe de : AC/DC, Led Zeppelin, Metallica, Van Halen, Gun’s & Roses, Foo Figthters, Aérosmith, etc. Quand tu échanges avec ce type de pointure, tu te dis que même si la soirée est affreuse, tu n’as pas perdu ton temps.

Passons sur une première partie anecdotique et n’y allons par quatre chemins, ce fût magnifique. Depuis 50 ans, Kiss a le même rituel, avant chaque concert, une phrase retentit  dans la salle avant le lever de rideau: « You want the best. You got the best. The hottest band in the World : KISS ». Je dois l’avouer, un petit frisson parcourt l’échine de celui qui entend la foule hurler de toutes ses forces cette phrase.

La suite ? Deux heures de show dans le cadre exceptionnel des arènes, de la pyro, du sang, des larmes, du grandiose, une envie folle d’être sur scène après 50 ans de concerts : déconcertant. Une déculottée en bonne et due forme pour les sceptiques comme moi.  Le chanteur Paul Stanley attrape le public par les noix et ne le lâche plus pendant deux heures, les tubes s’enchainent, du feu, des lights, des explosions, près de 12 semi-remorques de matos, le groupe n’est pas venu ici pour beurrer des biscottes. Musicalement, scéniquement c’est rodé, et pour le reste, la légende prend tout son sens. Les tubes s’enchainent, le groupe pose pour les photographes, il harangue la foule. Cinquante ans de labeur sur les 5 continents expliquent sûrement cette maitrise dans le fond et la forme. Y aura-il une succession à de tels monstres ? Il y a de quoi en douter. L’époque me semble plus proche de mon pinpin pétri de conformisme et de pain de mie derrière son écran que de papis rock’n roll jouant avec le feu et le son aux quatre coins du monde.

Alors finalement que viennent chercher les fans à un concert de  Kiss ? Peut-être une certaine constance, 50 ans à enfoncer un clou, ce n’est pas rien. Un concert de Kiss, c’est une immense fête ou l’insouciance croise une jubilation rock’n roll d’une autre époque. Kiss a inventé un style et l’a poli jusqu’à l’étincelle. Les membres de Kiss ont créé une légende qui les dépasse à présent.

J’y suis allé plein de questions, j’en suis revenu avec plein de réponses.Du coup, j’ai laissé tomber ma pelle.




Eric CANTO Photographer: Concert photos, portraits, album covers.

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