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the Studio Harcourt Paris (formerly Studio Harcourt) is a Photo studio founded in Paris in 1934 by the photographer Germaine Hirschfeld (known as Cosette Harcourt), Robert Ricci and the brothers Jacques and Jean Lacroix. Timeless, it maintains the fundamental values which have made the success of the photo studio and its reputation: the requirement of excellence, respect for aesthetics and French elegance.


studio harcourt

The history of the studio

The Harcourt studio was founded in 1934 in the very chic 8th arrondissement of Paris, Rue Christophe-Colomb. the Studio Harcourt photo studio Paris is the result of the union of Jacques and Jean Lacroix, experienced press officers with the visionary instinct, of the businessman Robert Ricci (son of the tailor Nina Ricci) and of Germaine Hirschfeld alias Cosette Harcourt (1900-1976). This avant-garde, modern and daring photographer worked in the studio of the Manuel brothers.

For the record, Cosette Harcourt married one of the Lacroix brothers before World War II. Together they created a magazine called Vedettes, which serves as the basis for studio photographs. During the occupation, German officers and figures from the Vichy regime visited the studios, as did the Americans during the liberation. The couple divorced in 1945.

The aesthetics of Studio Harcourt Paris feeds on the glamorous roots of the golden age of French cinema in black and white. Often imitated but never equaled, the Harcourt style is a promise of eternity, an iconographic reference that has become over the years an essential signature.

The Harcourt label is a real institution, now known as the “Living Heritage Company”. It is part of the collective subconscious and continues its quest for timelessness and shapes the imagination of time. The legend is a visual reminder of great artistic figures, cultural and political events of the 20th century and proof that defies the passage of time


studio harcourt paris photo

studio harcourt photo

studio harcourt paris


The characteristics of Studio Harcourt Paris

Today located at 6, rue de Lota in the 16th arrondissement of Paris, it holds the “Living Heritage Company” label for its excellent craftsmanship and industrial know-how.

This' workshop of ar portraitst ”produced images for the press whose donors came at a time when renowned photo studios like Reutlinger were closed for lack of clients. Thanks to Cosette Harcourt's address book, the studio has specialized in black and white photographs of Parisian and French personalities from the cinema and the cultural environment.

Studio Harcourt produces prints in 24 × 30 cm format, recognizable by their particular style, and underlines them with a pronounced chiaroscuro. The studio owes a lot to still photographer Raymond Voinquel.

The Harcourt style is characterized by a close-up of the subject, taken at the best angle, often from three-quarters and / or a low angle, and illuminated by light from cinema projectors, usually arranged to the side or in the halo, on a gray to black gradient background.

Studio Harcourt still meets the same notoriety after more than sixty years of existence. This success is the fruit of a constant effort of artists and craftsmen and not only that of a nostalgic fad. Indeed, Harcourt Studios can boast of more than 450,000 clients from all over the world. The archives containing more than six million negatives were bought by the State in 1989 and then in 1991.



Contact Harcourt

Studio Harcourt Paris // 6 rue de Lota 75116 Paris // + 33 (0) 1 42 56 67 67

Official site : Studio Harcourt Paris



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