Rammstein new album

Rammstein is a perfectionist group. It becomes even clearer when we look at the new making of photos from their new album.

2019 was undoubtedly the year of Rammstein. After ten years, Till Lindemann and Co. released a new album and the sextet also performed a stadium tour in Europe. Now, the metalheads  give an overview of the preparations for the shooting. Personally, the documentaries on the artworks fascinate me. Regarding Rammstein, we are facing a real war machine, whose budgets allow all the follies.


A sumptuous staging

Rammstein presents an eight-minute documentary on YouTube (see above).

A team of videographers accompanied the group during a Photo shoot four days. Photographer Jes Larsen took care of the photo shoot, with whom he then designed the illustration for the new album.

This shoot introduces us to Larsen himself, retoucher Marty Bo Kristensen and stylist Vibe Dabelsteen.

Rammstein new album

Rammstein new album


Rammstein new album: the German steamroller

Ten years after “Liebe ist für alle da”, Rammstein finally broke the silence with a new, untitled album, the image of which is a matchstick on a pristine white background. The fuse is immediately lit, from the first passage highlighted by the controversial clip "Deutschland", which reveals a generation uncomfortable with the history of its country.

"Germany, my heart in flames / I want to love you and I curse you," chanted singer Till Lindemann with great chill. The group remains the same with their powerful war rhythms. Saturated guitars are present, as are the iconic electronic effects of this German “tanzmetal” that the Berlin group masters to perfection.

Rammstein new album

Rammstein new album

This seventh album was a huge success, catapulting first in terms of sales in Europe and in the top 10 in the United States and Australia.

For the group using the Goethe language, which is rather industrial metal kind, there is no precedent. Admittedly, the German band softened their point slightly as the tempo slows down to the sound of a lighter arpeggio after the introduction of "Puppe" or a clean ballad like "Diamond" with a classical guitar and cello. at the end.

The devil remaining hidden in the details, eleven songs lying on the CD deserve careful listening, because the album is full of discoveries, arrangements and war messages condemning pedophile monsters, or the perverse effects of nationalism.

After the first sold-out tour of European stadiums in 2019, a new set of dates for the summer of 2020 were planned.

Unfortunately, COVID 19 will have taken the skin of German warriors


Rammstein new album

Rammstein new album

Rammstein new album

Rammstein new album

Rammstein new album: The group?

Rammstein is a metal group German from Berlin. Founded in 1994, it consisted of the early days of six members from East Germany; described as belonging to the genus Neue Deutsche Härte, is the best known representative. The band's lyrics are mostly in German, it's also the best-selling German-speaking band in the world, almost 20 million albums have been sold, but sometimes it also includes lyrics in English, French, Spanish and even Russian.

Known for his concerts multiplying the effects of pyrotechnics and creative staging, he has to his credit since its creation seven studio albums, the music of which is often considered as industrial metal. The exact classification of the band's music is often questioned, as it also contains strong influences from electronic music, rock.

A hybrid group with an immediately recognizable imprint, Rammstein is today a huge heavy metal weight worldwide and mainly only plays in stadiums.


RAMMSTEIN photo credit Eric CANTO

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