Rammstein concert in South of France Arena To Montpellier : Back in image on an impressive concert.

Tuesday 23 April 2013, the German group of gothic industrial metal Rammstein filled the arena with flammables and spectators. No less than 12,000 fans came from all over the Great South to take part in their unparalleled fireworks display. Park & ​​Suites Arena was VERY HOT!


Rammstein live -Photo credit Eric CANTO

Rammstein concert Sud de France Arena in Montpellier

The Rammstein group

Rammstein is a metal group German industrialist from Berlin. The company, founded in 1994, has since the beginning six members of the GDR. He is described as belonging to the genus Neue Deutsche Härte and is the best known representative. The lyrics of the band are mostly in German, they are also the best-selling German-speaking group in the world with almost 20 million albums sold, but sometimes they also have lyrics in English, French, Spanish or even Russian.

Famous for his concerts, which multiply the pyrotechnic effects and creative productions, Rammstein will list seven studio albums from 2019, the music of which is often considered industrial metal. However, the exact classification is controversial, as it also has strong influences on electronic music, rock or even pop as it has developed over the course of the albums. He has enjoyed international success since his second album Sehnsucht in 1997 and even toured the world for his sixth album Liebe Ist Für Alle Da between 2009 and 2011.


Rammstein-concert-rammstein-live-photos- eric-canto-photographer

Rammstein live -Photo credit Eric CANTO


However, this success was accompanied by controversy from the start, especially allegations that linked the group to National Socialism, due to alleged correlations in their visual language (which is also the case for the Slovenian group Ljubljana, from which he drew inspiration) and with allegations of incitement to violence linked to the shooting at Columbine High School.

Rammstein has always denied any connection with any form of racism or support for violence, and has defined himself above all as an artist who does not want to convey a message, and it is generally recognized that controversy is more a taste for provocation and unfortunate interpretations of a contained ideology.



Rammstein Official Site - Rammstein Tickets

Ramstein-concert-live-photos- eric-canto-photographer

Rammstein concert Sud de France Arena in Montpellier

An impressive Rammstein live ide

After last year's excellent best-of-tour, Rammstein has expanded his tour with more dates, including several in France, for our greatest pleasure! Rammstein has really become a "public" group, in the sense that there are children, old people, high heels, Goths. However, the group does not change its recipe, still visually and musically violent, no concessions.

The live is impressive, the sound, the light, enormously the pyrotechnics used with the flames galore, the fantastic return of the strap-on, the liters and liters on the back of the keyboard while "Buck up," the interpretation. perfect of each song… in short, always an overall performance of a great level with the arrival of the singer on a descending platform, wrapped in a pink feather jacket… Or the fireworks vertically on the stage behind each member of the group!

A unifying group, great art, overpowering metal.

Rammstein is a prime example of a group that has reached internationally renowned heights, while steadfastly refusing to compromise their vision or bow to any preconceived notions of what a stratospheric hit group should do.

Pioneers of the 'Neue Deutsche Härte' (New German Hardness) movement of the mid-90s, alongside Oomph !, Megaherz and Stahlhammer, the Rammstein mix of alternative metal, groove and electronica was the only example of its kind to reach a truly seismic global audience. .



Rammstein live -Photo credit Eric CANTO

The Rammstein tour

The 2013 European tour started in Barcelona, Spain. The first part is provided by DJ Joe Letz.

04/14/2013 - Spain, Barcelona, Palau Sant Jordi
04/16/2013 - Portugal, Lisbon, Atlantico Pavilion
19/04/2013 - Spain, Bilbao, BEC
21/04/2013 - Spain, Madrid, Palacio Deportes
04 / 23/2013 - France, Montpellier, Park & ​​Suites Arena
04/24/2013 - France, Lyon, La Halle Tony Garnier
04/26/2013 - Italy, Bologna, Unipol Arena
04/28/2013 - Serbia, Belgrade, Kombank Arena
04/30/2013 - Slovenia, Ljubljana, Stozice Center
04/05/2013 - Germany, Wolfsburg, KraftWerk
05/05/2013 - Germany, Wolfsburg, KraftWerk
07/07/2013 - France, Nancy, Zenith-Amphitheater Plein Air

Rammstein live -Photo credit Eric CANTO

Rammstein live -Photo credit Eric CANTO

Rammstein concert: the setlist 

- Ich you say weh
- Wollt ihr das Bett in Flammen sehen?
- Keine Lust
- Sehnsucht
- Asche zu Asche
- Feuer frei!
-Mein Teil
- Ohne dich
- Du riechst so gut
- Wiener Blut
- Benzin
- Links 2-3-4
- From hast
- Bück dich
- Ich will

Reminder: Mein Herz brennt (Piano Version) // Sonne // Pussy.

south of France Arena To Montpellier - Capacity 15,000 people
Opening act DJ Joe Letz - Concert time 8:00 p.m. - Ticket prices € 61.50

Rammstein Discography / Rammstein Album

  • 1995 Herzeleid - Released: September 24, 1995 - Label: Motor Music - Format: CD, K7
  • 1997 Sehnsucht - Released: August 22, 1997 - Label: Motor Music - Format: CD, K7
  • 2001 Mutter - Released: April 2, 2001 - Label: Motor Music - Format: CD, K7, LP
  • 2004 Reise, Reise - Release: September 27, 2004 - Label: Universal Music - Format: CD
  • 2005 Rosenrot - Release: October 28, 2005 - Label: Universal Music - Format: CD
  • 2009 Liebe ist für alle da - Release: October 16, 2009 - Label: Universal Music - Format: CD
  • 2019 Rammstein - Release: May 17, 2019 - Label: Universal Music - Format: CD


Rammstein Official site  : https://www.rammstein.de/en/

Rammstein Tickets : https://www.rammstein.de/en/tickets/


Rammstein Official Site - Rammstein Tickets

Rammstein live -Photo credit Eric CANTO




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Bonus: Melodie Maker review for the release of Rammstein's live PARIS

Paris is a modern masterpiece of musical cinema: a live concert filmed with all the flair and elegance of a music video. Shot by acclaimed director and former member of Swedish black metal band Bathory Jonas Akerlund, the film uses quick cuts, close-ups, dramatic colorings and CGI effects to create a more vibrant-than-real experience.

Using 25 cameras and shot over two nights at the Palais Omnisports de Paris-Bercy, Akerlund explains his concept for Paris as "shooting a live show (while) trying to translate the energy you get in the venue to film ”.

He explains, “I try with every trick in the book to make as many impressions as possible on the audience. "

Watching Paris is certainly a visceral and confusing experience, as if a show with giant penises gushing out, enough pyro to destroy a small country and keyboardist Christian 'Flake' Lorenz cooking in a fire pot just isn't visually stimulating enough.

Akerlund's background in music videos undoubtedly contributes to the striking aesthetic that has previously worked with the group on their video promotions for "Ich Tu Dir Weh", "Mein Land" and the controversial porn parody "Pussy".

"It was mainly Jonas' vision and visual ideas," says Rammstein drummer Christoph Schneider. “We gave him creative control and said, 'This is your movie, you're a great filmmaker and editor, so you do it the way you see it.'

“Having that quick cut and heavy editing seemed like too much for the duration of a show, so we got involved a bit and changed things up here and there, but we didn't really change it really.”


“He has a good eye for detail and focuses on the things you can't see when you're in the audience. So Jonas started cutting things very quickly and making them very edgy; when we first saw it we were very shocked at how fast the cut was and how difficult it was to follow and digest it.

Despite some reservations about the final cut, Rammstein has nothing but respect for Akerlund and his take on their live show. Guitarist Paul Landers praises his visual fluidity and puts the patience required for a project of this magnitude to the technical competence of the Swedes.

While this may seem like a perfectly normal process for most bands, loyal Rammstein fans know they rarely give up a lot of creative control. The six members of the group feel that all of the things marked with the Rammstein banner align with the vision and myths they created.

Allowing Akerlund to spread with his creative vision led to the most striking visual portrayal of Rammstein to date - a feat, considering that there are already 4 DVDs with live footage available commercially. So why did they feel the need to do another one?

“You create them for history,” explains Schneider. “If anyone 20 years into the future wants to know what Rammstein looked like, here's a visual document to look at. "

Rammstein is currently writing his untitled seventh studio album. Little is known about the album outside of Rammstein's inner circle, but given the eight-year gap since their last album, anticipation is at an all-time high for the band's new music.

What we know: 28 song ideas have been sketched out for the recording, 24 of which already have lyrics. Landers describes them as "not ready to record, but live!" Some of them are bare pieces of songs, some are pretty much done.

But don't expect a sprawling, epic effort on a double album; if a general theme comes to the fore during these early stages of disc creation, it cuts down on fat and hones things down to the basics.

Schneider points out, “It's kind of a secret in Rammstein's music to be clear and get rid of the ballast and focus on what's there, which makes it harder and has more impact. This time it's easier, because we've got along really well in recent years.

“Maybe it's coming back to age; you try not to change your friends or colleagues anymore, then you accept them more as they are and give them the space they need. "

"For the moment, it is almost an unbearable harmony in this group", launches Länder with a mischievous smile.

A sense of euphony was established in part through a producer's assignment to oversee not the recording, but the writing sessions. Olsen Involtini has worked with the band before to arrange strings for Mutter and Reise, Reise, create remixes and design their live sound; his history of working with the group makes Involtini a perfect mediator for launching creative ideas between the two.

“He's a good friend of ours,” explains Schneider. “He produces hip-hop and pop music in Germany and he also plays guitar. He has a lot of good qualities so we brought him in to lead the rehearsal and work with us on the songs.

“If the two of us don't agree, we take the direction he likes. Often we got lost in the making of something; there would be 20 different versions of a song and it would help us focus on what worked and what didn't. "

Landers quickly adds: “Writing in Rammstein is always democratic… not easy, but democratic. We are like greedy dogs. But with Olsen leading the rehearsal, we don't have to fight that much - we just follow his lead. It helps us focus and avoid unnecessary fights. "

This last part in particular is probably a crucial part of Involtini's role; the tensions in the studio during the premiere of the Liebe ist für alle 2009 seem to have been the main driver of Rammstein's long hiatus. (Landers describes the writing of the album as making a collage next to an open window; the wind continues to scatter the pieces, making it difficult to put them together.)

Rumors started to emerge around 2014-2015 that the group was breaking up - no doubt fueled by selected members of the group working on various musical projects outside of Rammstein.

“We also heard this rumor,” says Landers, “but it never really was. But that rumor continued because we didn't release a record, but Till (Lindemann, singer) and Richard (Kruspe, guitarist) did and it fueled the fire even more.

“But we weren't really in danger of breaking up; we just had a few years off. For me, Rammstein's future was never in question, not even a little. "

So what was the catalyst for bringing the six members of Rammstein together to start working on their seventh album?

“The way I tend to say it,” says Landers, “is that the four of us who hadn't set a record at the time were hungry. Till and Richard didn't want to go to a restaurant because they had already eaten, but the four of us said, "We're hungry!" So they agreed to come. We compromised and said, “Let's start with three or four songs and see what it feels like without pressure. And that felt good, and now we have 28 song ideas. "

“The group had particularly bad memories of the last production,” adds Schneider, referring to Liebe ist für alle. “It took a long time and there was a lot of discussion. We would lose track of things very easily and no one wanted to jump right into this situation. Everyone was afraid that if we started writing another album, we would start all these little fights all over again. But that has changed now, and with Olsen's contribution, we don't fight so hard anymore - no one is killing each other to take their part on the others. " 

While the majority of the band's songs are written in their native language, their music transcends any language barrier; Rammstein is one of a small handful of groups capable of selling arenas across the world without the aid of songs written in English.

Their overwhelming international popularity far exceeds the expectations of most bands outside of the Anglosphere, and is proof (if at all) of the power of music to communicate on a universal playing field.

Landers succinctly sums up the band's broad appeal when he describes his approach to writing Rammstein's delightfully simple, yet tastefully executed riffs: “One thing I try to think of when we write songs is this. how it will be to play live. If you stand at home and play a loud chord that sounds good, you feel powerful! But if you're sitting down and picking gently, it's not doing you good.

“We try to have more moments in Rammstein music that make you feel good; if it looks good, it sounds as good. "

This relatively simple formula, alongside a conquering show that many will attest to is one of the best shows in the world of live music, ensures that Rammstein will continue to beat all the odds and will remain one of the most famous proposals. and unique in metal.

Often the show is so (literally) explosive, it seemingly overshadows the quality and sheer daring of German sextet songwriting. But it is to underestimate the acerbic spirit of "Mein Teil", the orchestral audacity of "Mein Herz brennt", the delicate beauty of "Ohne Dich" or the outright punch of "Sonne", a 16 year old song that sounds as dynamic and powerful as it was in 2001.

Is it irritating that the band's intricate songwriting is overshadowed by the sheer dominance of their fiery show? “We put as much effort into the music as into the show,” explains Schneider. “Just like we put so much effort into photos, lights, videos because we know they all go together. Each element has its role to play and supports each other. "

“You can't force people to react in a certain way to what you put in front of them,” Landers adds. “We live in a free world and people have the right not to listen. We know that sometimes the show overshadows the music, and we try not to let that happen. But the music is very good to me, and we try to have a balance between the two.

“If you meet a beautiful woman with blonde hair and big breasts, you might start talking to her because of her looks, but then you find out that she is smart, funny, and kindhearted. We're trying to Rammstein to be the blonde with a brain. "

Paris is now available on DVD and Blu-Ray through Spinefarm Records.

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