Hellfest program 2021

It is the company Bicom which for now 15 years, realizes the posters of the Hellfest festival. On the 14 posters we notice similarities in the construction of the visual: The name of the festival HELLFEST in the foreground, the list of artists present in the background and a dark visual, in the atmosphere of the festival background. This construction is still respected and has been preserved since the creation of the festival in 2006.

HELLFEST PROGRAM- hellfest festival

hellfest program


Hellfest festival poster retrospective

HELLFEST program 2006 - 2009: The beginnings

The first 4 posters of Hellfest Festival (from 2006 to 2009), put all the artists present on the front of the stage. We can assume that the objective at the beginning of the festival was to demonstrate the diversity of groups, artists and musical styles. This explains the textual domination present on the posters compared to the name of the festival still little known to the public. There is also a search for identity in the design of the logo, which changes with each edition of the festival until 2009.

HELLFEST program 2010 - 2013: A solid and lasting identity

From 2010, the logo more constructed and worked, the festival will keep until today. This new identity blends in perfectly with the atmosphere of the festival and the posters, which puts us in the atmosphere of the event before D-Day! With this clear and coherent identity and an event that becomes more and more qualitative over the years, the festival will not be long in making a name for itself on the “extreme” music scene ...

HELLFEST program 2014 - 2017: Notoriety sets in

From 2014, the posters of the HELLFEST festival become lighter, leaving more room for the chosen image. The festival begins to favor the promotion of headliners over the multitude of artists. We can understand that the notoriety of the festival is skyrocketing, so they can just communicate on the big names of the event.

HELLFEST program 2018 - 2019: A new, more "flexible" atmosphere ...

Since 2018 the program of Hellfest festival has taken a flexible turn. The atmosphere is over agressive and "Violent"! The atmosphere is much calmer, we can even make the connection with a paranormal climate. We can also imagine that the festival was inspired by successful series such as "Stranger Things" in the establishment of this new atmosphere.

We can interpret this change by looking for a larger audience. By having less provocative and aggressive communication, the festival will undoubtedly attract a more family audience.

The quality is always there at the level of the visuals. This same quality that is found in every communication of the festival. This communication is worked so as not to sell only a festival, but also a state of mind.

For those who had the chance to participate in the festival, every detail, every graphic finesse is licked. the Hellfest is not only a musical gathering, it is also a state of mind that the organizers bring into communication.

The tour de force of Hellfest is to have brought together the different currents of metal in a huge party attended by 150,000 spectators at each edition.


hellfest 2020 program

hellfest program

hellfest program 2020

hellfest program

hellfest 2020 hellfest program

Hellfest 2021 program - Hellfest program

Hellfest 2021 program - kiss - Slayer - Slipknot - Ghost

Hellfest 2020 festival

Hellfest 2021 program

Hellfest 2021 program


HELLFEST programme 2020

HELLFEST programme 2020

HELLFEST programme 2020



HELLFEST programme 2021

HELLFEST programme 2021

HELLFEST programme 2021


Eric Canto, festival photographer, concert and artist portraits:

Eric Canto is concert and festival photographer since many years. He had the opportunity to take photographs for many famous artists, for example with the cover of the album “Hellfest” by Mass Hysteria. Discover his work:


Eric CANTO Photographer: Concert photos, portraits, album covers.


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