Lee Jeffries British Photographer

For those who don't know him yet, Lee jeffries is a famous photographer British known especially for his portraits homeless. Born in 1971, he lives and works in Manchester.

He is a self-taught artist who began an extraordinary daily story with the homeless about fifteen years ago. In interview published a few months ago in Great Britain, it declared “Everyone passes as if the homeless were invisible. I transcend fear, in the hope that people will realize that these people are like you and me ”.

The photographs by Lee Jeffries have the seriousness and authenticity of true human relationships. He knows each of his subjects personally, sometimes he shares their daily life to the point of sleeping in the street next to them, thus sharing the brutality of their daily life.

For the artist Lee jeffries it is the only way to build a real relationship and thus bring his portraits to life. The incredible shots of Lee jeffries exude an exacerbated, moving sensitivity, capturing the universal beauty of humanity in its most dramatic.


lee jeffries photographer artist

Lee Jeffries Photographer

Lee Jeffries Photographer

Lee Jeffries Photographer

Lee Jeffries Photographer

Lee Jeffries Photographer

lee jeffries photographer

Lee Jeffries Photographer

lee jeffries photo

lee jeffries


Lee Jeffries' story

Passionate about football, Lee jeffries began by photographing sporting events in the first place. One day, he secretly photographs a homeless young woman in the streets of London. He goes to meet her and that's when his photographic practice sees.

He then decides to place the homeless at the heart of his art. He then composed a series of photos called HOMELESS.

Artist Lee Jeffries then continued his project to the four corners of the world, because for him, photography was a means of attracting attention and raising funds for the “homeless” (homeless) around the world.

Lee Jeffries in videos

INTERVIEW with Lee Jeffries

You had a conference at the Stockholm Gallery, can you tell me what themes you discussed?

Lee Jeffries: In my lectures, I try to emphasize the depth of the relationships with the people I photograph. I usually show a little music video that I've made over the past six years to prove it. He's extremely powerful and always puts audiences in a state of emotional shock.

Some of our readers may not be familiar with the homeless girl who forever changed her artistic approach. Can you tell me more about this unforgettable encounter?
Yes, there is a story that I know well. That of the London marathon. The day before the race, I was in the street trying to shoot something.

I notice a homeless girl huddled in a sleeping bag in a store door across the street and photograph her with my 200mm lens! She sees me and starts posing for a moment. I am ashamed of the lack of reaction from passers-by. All I want is to get her out of hell. Something stops me and I'm going to talk to him. She taught me my first lesson as a photographer.

Do you have a background in photography?
My photos speak of faith, love and humanity.

When I started (6 years ago), I didn't have a particular artistic approach. I have lived my life… loving… opening my heart to all kinds of influences that I have maintained to this day. Love was the catalyst for everything. It brought me great moments of pleasure, but also periods of endless loneliness that continue to this day.

In fact, I don't mind admitting that love is the driving force behind all of my artistic endeavors. The homeless ? Not because they are homeless… more than them I understand and really recognize the loneliness I walk with every day. It was and is my starting point

Your company raises awareness and influences the perception of society. You have also created many initiatives. Could you expand?
I have been very lucky. A selection of my photos can be purchased in YellowKorner galleries around the world.

This gave them invaluable exposure. YellowKorner and I were also able to organize charity auctions, the last of which raised more than 25,000 euros for a charity based in Paris.

I hear the public's misunderstanding of the commercial exploitation of poverty, but I really think that without a number of commercial events like the charity auction, people simply would not have been aware of the terms. life of a homeless person. You have to develop a certain level of consciousness in the art world.

Some portraits almost look like a candid photo, they seem distracted from their own thoughts. How do you get there and how do you approach your subject? Do you have a method?
Each subject is a project. I go to a neighborhood, for example Overtown in Miami, and I dive into a community. I walk the streets, eat and sleep there for weeks. I am part of this community. It allows me to make deep connections.

Post-processing is a key part of your job. Can you tell me about your technique?
I attended a meeting with Justin Zackham in Ojai a few years ago and he asked me the same question. I started to explain .. oh for about 20 minutes. Finally, he said, “Lee, I wish I had never asked you that question. Your photos are more than any other process. Estimate what the picture represents… not how it was made. "

If you had to choose a photo you like the most, which one would you choose and why?
I have an emotional connection with each of them. If I had to name just one, it would be the color version of the praying hands. It all started in Rome. Running through the halls of the Vatican in tears. This image captures the essence of what I did there.

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