When the Hellfest opens its doors in Clisson, there is already a rush for official “merch”, the Hellfest shop.

Behind the counter, ten salespeople no longer know where to turn. Several items are already in stock from the first hours. “The L and XL T-shirts always come out very quickly,” says one of the two “Merch” managers who are at the heart of the site. That's why we recommend shopping at the start of the festival. "


Hellfest shop - Hellfest shop

Hellfest shop - Hellfest shop


HELLFEST Boutique: A queue every year

Every year the queue is endless and the sun is shining. But after more than an hour of waiting and around 90 euros, you can go out smiling. “I took a polo shirt for my dad, a key chain and shirt for myself, a mug and magnets for the friends from the Hellfest store.

Waiting in the queue, even if it takes a few hours, is part of the game when you come to the festival. The metallurgist loves objects, especially when it comes to souvenirs. Go through the Hellfest store, It's like a necessity! "


Hellfest shop - Hellfest shop


Each year, to reduce waiting times, it is possible to complete the order form after making your selection in a small booklet which contains around fifty references (Lighter, badge, duvet, etc.). The organizers assure it every year: there will be almost nothing left on Sunday.


Hellfest Shop: The T-Shirt Race

Dimitri and Hugues, who come out with their hands full, are in a hurry to remove the items from the packaging. “I took short pants, a hat and a jacket. I will put them on ”.

When you look around you realize that many have already found and put on their new T-shirts. It goes from cowboy hats to t-shirts, sweatshirts, sweatshirts too, it can get a little cold at night in Clisson.


Hellfest shop - Hellfest shop

Hellfest shop - Hellfest shop


Of the six models of the 2019 version of the T-shirt for example, all the models display a program on the back, there is something for everyone, neon, sober, trash. Very sober models also allowing the T-shirt to be used all year round, even at the office. Because the discretion and also available with just a small logo of the festival.


Hellfest Shop: A real “merch” village, soon.

Merchandising at the festival generates nearly a million turnover, according to the organizers is one of the black spots of the festival. “We have many requests, we often have very long queues,” explains Alex Rebecq, Hellfest spokesperson.

Fortunately, we are dealing with a very respectful audience that is in no rush and patiently waits. The organizers hope that the problem will finally be solved and an online sales site is now available to compensate for these shortages during the edition.

“We need to completely rethink our approach to on-premise merch. "We are thinking of a real merch village, something a little crazy" continues Alex. “It would be better for the festival participants, better for the work of our teams on site”.


Hellfest shop - Hellfest shop

Hellfest shop - Hellfest shop


The Hellfest online store: the Hellfest Shop

Several years ago, the festival opened an online site for ordering the festival's “Merch” all year round. T-shirts, Sweatshirts, Jackets, Accessories ... the official merchandising of the festival is just a click away.
Many textile products and accessories, but also the festival books.

Hellfest book: the festival told by the groups.

Almost 2.5 kilos for this astonishing book, 300 pages, almost as many photographs, a print run of 20,000 copies, 100 groups, hours and hours of reading and distribution in France, Belgium and French-speaking Switzerland.

This book is about one of the biggest festivals in France, the biggest metal event in the world. Three days of madness, more than 150 concerts and 170,000 festival-goers in love with metal who engulf the town of Clisson every year.

This book tells the story of the festival, quite simply, but the festival from the backstage, seen from the stage, from the wings, by groups who have walked the festival there throughout the fourteen editions.

You can find the Shop here: www.hellfestshop.com


Eric CANTO Photographer: Concert photos, portraits, album covers.


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