PHOTO Magazine is a French magazine which appears every two months. Magazine photo is entirely devoted to photography. The magazine deals with photography in many aspects, from photojournalism and avant-garde photography, fashion, nature and artistic nude, which characterize most of its covers.

Magazine photo deals with photography and the many trends in France and around the world. It approaches the photographic technique and seduces the great photographers in their pages of the magazine. Magazine photo, by its longevity and its international presence, is, as he likes to put it by signing, "a reference to the image since 1967."


PHOTO Magazine: the most beautiful covers 

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The story of PHOTO Magazine

In 1967, Daniel Filipacchi, who was at the head of a group of around twenty press titles, created the magazine based on an idea by Walter Carone, photojournalist for Paris Match magazine.

Walton Carone 1920-1982. Walter Carone learned the profession of photographer from his father, an Italian immigrant to Cannes, specializing in weddings and banquets.
In 1945, he left to try his luck in Paris, equipped with a camera and several films. He started at Cinévie before working for France-Dimanche, Point de Vue, Elle and finally for Paris-Match, which hired him three months before the publication of the first issue.
His career is closely linked to the development of Paris-Match, where he was a star journalist, head of the photography department and deputy editor. He then put his talent and experience at the service of amateurs, by creating Magazine photo, then Photo Journal.

Catherine Deneuve inaugurated the magazine in July 1968, photographed by David Bailey, his companion at the time.

Roger therond

Roger Thérond, former editor-in-chief of Paris Match, joined the management of the magazine and in 1977 launched the “amateur competition” (which continues to this day with 50,000 candidates).

He is officially the director of the publication of PHOTO Magazine since April 1969. He is continually looking for the most prestigious photographers of the moment, such as Rizzo, Brassaï, Lachapelle or Richard avedon.


Jean-Louis Swiners

Former editor-in-chief of Terre d'Images, joined the team in the second issue and became advertising director until 1974. Régis Pagniez conceived not only the logo, but also the design, and created many portfolios that have contributed to the magazine's success.

A few years later, he left the editorial staff to emigrate to America. Walter Carone was appointed editor-in-chief in the years 1970-1973.


Jean-Jacques Naudet

Until 1988, Jean-Jacques Naudet held editorial responsibilities then, in 1988, he gave way to Michel Decron, who became editor-in-chief.


Agnes Gregory

Agnès Grégoire has joined Magazine photo in 1988, as editor then became editor, then head of department then assistant editor, she became editor in 2011 then editor-in-chief in 2015.

His experience in photography is substantial and it allowed him to become a reporter at the Academy of Fine Arts. She regularly exercises advisory functions in the field of photography.

Agnès Grégoire contributes to Photo España (portfolio reading), to the Guangzhou and Lianzhou festivals in China, to the Zoom Photo Festival in Saguenay, Quebec.


PHOTO Magazine

                                                                       PHOTO Magazine


Evolution of the content of PHOTO Magazine

Avant-garde photography set the tone for the magazine in the late 1960s (Art Kane, Pete Turner, Jay Maisel). From the very beginning Photo stood out as the first magazine presenting the shoots of great photographers such as Richard Avedon, Peter Lindhberg, David Lachapelle, Robert capa, Guy Bourdin, Henri Cartier-Bresson ...

Between two "sexy" scoops, the magazine sometimes causes a scandal, sometimes revealing on the cover of transsexuals and hermaphrodites or offering photos of minors by Louis Malle.

In 1975 the famous photo of young Brooke Shield made the front page of Photo Magazine in 1978. But when 3 years later, the teenager tries to prevent new publications and tries to recover the negatives, Brooke Shield faces justice. Concluded between his mother and Garry Cross, the contract provided for a total assignment of the rights to the photographer.

After two years of legal battle, Brooke Shield is finally unsuccessful, and Gross ruined.


The magazine was created during the Vietnam War and before May 1968. It also offers a space for reporting in the field and then on subjects related to nature and is part of its history close to the world of fashion, welcoming it. with examples of works by Cecil Beaton, Helmut Newton, William Klein…

In 1989, Photo Magazine created the festival " Visa for the image", Which brings together each year photojournalists from all over the world (exhibitions, meetings, shows). The festival is quickly recognized internationally by image professionals, and the director is Jean-François Leroy.

Photography uses privileged relationships with the great photographers, engaging them in writing in writing, with various foreign actors in the world of photography. Several of these correspondents sponsored the annual issue of “special amateurs” by presenting one of the themes related to their specialization. PHOTO Magazine receives up to 50,000 photos each year as part of the “World's Largest Photo Contest”.

Published in print at the beginning of the 90s. Photo launched its website in 1995. After the death of Roger Thérond in 2001, the HFM group, which already held 50% of the monthly capital, obtained the balance of the heirs in 2002. Ten years more late, in 2011, the magazine was sold to Magweb. Monika Bacardi and David Swaelens-Kane became owners in 2014.


Around PHOTO Magazine

The magazine is associated with various activities related to photography, including Photo Management (artist coaching), initiated by EPMA since 2015. Photo Management intervenes, supports young talents, exhibits them in Europe and in Europe. America, through different partnerships.

The magazine achieves more than half of its sales abroad in around 70 countries. PHOTO Magazine Maintains privileged relationships with photographic professionals, including photographers.


PHOTO Magazine: Info and figures

  • Editorial director: Agnès Grégoire
  • Date of foundation: 1967
  • Publishing city: Paris
  • Price per issue: € 6.90
  • Distribution: 26,000 copies
  • Frequency: bimonthly


PHOTO MAGAZINE, the benchmark since 1968




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